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Chaos and the Calm after the Storm

Sep 17

Throughout my journey in being a volleyball coach, I have experienced many "wins". Yes, I love a good WIN in the Win/Loss category, however, the moments in the gym applying what I know and seeing players' success and growth are my FAVORITE wins. I am a loyal subscriber to the thought process, that if I teach players how to teach themselves - they wi...
Be fearless. Have faith.

May 21

Dear students of life, You are actively training for jobs that possibly don't exist yet.  Be a problem solver. Need more knowledge on funding for your business or to enhance your skill that you need to grow? Find someone with that experience and ask for guidance. There are  many people that want to help someone who wants to learn! Do you see a ch...
Importance of White Space

Aug 14

Yes, I am a website designer and value the importance of white space, in design and layouts but that's not what this is about. I recently made a change this summer, and stepped down from a job that I really enjoyed, however, I felt something nagging at me, pulling at me might be a better term.  It always feels like a leap of sorts, when you leave som...
DIY Dining Room Accent Wall

Dec 24

I should start this post by saying, I LOVE DIY projects.... but I should also say, that sometimes I lose focus and want the project to just be over, and the drywall dust to be gone, and the stuff to be painted. But in the end, I always miss the actual "doing" of the project. The painting, the nailing, the feeling you get when you step back from your pro...


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